'I cannot express other people's feelings', Tomasa told me during our interview. But, through her works, she brilliantly manages to convey words and ideas unspoken, by creating image tales of moments and sensations of everyday life.

A few weeks prior to our interview, I was browsing the web, when I saw a photograph of one of her paintings. Titled 'Pau', the work was presenting a young man with an indeterminable expression. 'This is the male equivalent of Joconda!', I thought to myself. The man, according to my research, is a fashion model from Spain. Now I had to find the story behind the artist-- because this is what curious people do.. Tomasa Martin. A committed story-teller, as it seemed. An artist who believes that 'Art cannot save the world'! This statement gave me a great amount of food for thought, for it surprised my mind. This is part of Art's purpose, I guess: To convey tales, ideas, and messages that manage to surprise your mind. And what's left inside an artist's mind is part of their art. The unseen side of their creation. The iceberg's base I love capturing..









Where are you right now Mrs. Martin? What do you see around you and how does it make you feel?   

I'm in my Art studio, where I spend most of my time, working. I see my canvas, my paints, my oh-so-many brushes...  I feel like I am truly ''home''.  It feels as if I am in my natural environment. For, in here, the roads I have travelled throughout my life converge.

Where did you grow up, and how had your childhood stories inspired and formed your artistic temperament?

I did not grow up in an artistic environment, so it went in a similar way as for  any girl. However, I've always had a special attraction to creativity. My leisure time was spent drawing and often plunging into a surreal atmosphere. Dalí ''seduced'' me a lot and this made me decant to study fine arts.

When did you realise that you were an artist and what made you start painting?

For me this question is hard to answer. A work is usually something I do not control, something impulsive. How to control thought? The work is mental first and then comes the implementation. Without mental work, there is no execution. And at the time of executing the work, there is a mixture of art, pop culture, etc..

Which are the thoughts that usually prevail in your mind when you are creating your artefacts?

The stories of my works have moments and sensations of everyday life. I don't create art for other people's eyes. I create for me. Maybe this is not understood, but what I do is to express my feelings and my sensations. I think the result of the work is more authentic this way, since I cannot express the feelings of others. However, others can share the final result.

Where do you seek inspiration when you need some?  

I believe that inspiration comes at any time so you have to be alert. However, when I want to work and  inspiration is not there, I find that almost always it so happens that when I just sit in front of the canvas, since the mind is abstracted creations, it can sometimes surprise you. You never know.

Which was your first painting? What was it about? Do you still have it with you, or is it sold or offered to someone else?

The ''first painting'' does not exist! I think there is no ''first painting'' for me.

How do you feel when a painting of yours is sold and you have to part from it?

At first, when I started selling works, it felt bad. It was as if I had to part from a part of me. But to continue creating, you need to sell, and selling allows you to keep creating...

Which element gives your artefacts character and 'power' ?

The story.

Which materials and styles do you use and why do you prefer them?

Figurative painting allows me to create images and play with sensations and feelings of human beings and their living environment. I use a mixed technique, that allows me to capture as much as possible and get closer to what I want to achieve.

How is living and working in Barcelona forming your personality and your own work?

Living and working in Barcelona is a mix I like. Barcelona is cosmopolitan and working in this city ? That's fine with me!

Do you find yourself using Art  to convey messages and stories? What kind of stories and messages do you convey through your art?

Stories of my works speak of the everyday moments of human beings.

Can Art change the world?

Absolutely not. Art sensitive people are a minority.

Which are your favourite artists?

During my first years it had to be Dalí . Today, my admiration has broaden its focus and it integrates many artists, regardless of style.

Which painting would you acquire to have in your home, if you could?

I would buy many paintings. There are paintings that would capture you forever and you will not get tired of looking at them.

Your advice to young artists?

Do not stop expressing your creativity and, by all means, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

If you had the chance to convey one single message in a bottle to the world, what would that be?

Earlier  you asked me whether Art can change the world... Empathy can change the world. This would be my message.

*Online samples of Tomasa's work can be found at www.tomasamartin.es, and at www.saatchiart.com online gallery.